Before retouching

After retouching. I combined four images using layer masks, enhanced the tone and colour using adjustments layers and used frequency separation to smooth her skin. Finally, I dodged and burned areas to contour, highlight and brighten the eyes.

Before retouching

After retouching. I cut out the product in Photoshop using the quick selection tool, refined the edge and removed the background using a layer mask. I then removed the sticker using the clone stamp and finally, I saved the image as a PNG. 

Image 1, before retouching

Image 2, before retouching

After retouching. I preferred Kate's facial expression in image 1, and Drew's facial expression in image 2 so I decided to combine the two. I roughly cut around Kate's head from image 1 using the lasso tool and then pasted it onto image 2. Then, I used a layer mask to blend the two layers. I used frequency separation on Kate's arm to smooth the skin and used the clone stamp to remove the leaf from the top left corner as I felt it was distracting. Finally, I clicked save to link the edited version back into Lightroom where I applied my usual editing style (split toning, contract, sharpening etc) 

Straight out of camera

After retouching. I used adjustment layers in Photoshop to perfect the colour and tone, followed by frequency separation in order to smooth her skin without losing the natural texture. Finally, I brightened her eyes and cleaned up imperfections.

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